Tom & Julianne

meet tom & julianne


Tom and Julianne started their musical career in a rock band in 1970. They spent 12 years as the house band, Shamrock, at Killearn County Club in Tallahassee, Florida. In 1984, they began working independently for private and select events, and getting more involved in church and worship music.

In 1995, they partnered with Melhana, the Grand Plantation in Thomasville, Georgia and performed in the main house while guests dined every weekend in the exquisite Chapin I and II dining rooms.  Each evening they provided easy-listening, romantic music for guests to enjoy while visiting in the Hanna Room.  Meeting so many interesting people proved to be an exciting time for Tom and Julianne.  For five years, they performed every weekend at the plantation, entertaining some of the most wonderful people in the world.  Julianne is also an experienced event planner, so her experience in entertainment; event and meeting management has been a great asset to clients as they plan their event!

In the fall of 2006, the Talley’s relocated to Vero Beach.  With so many years of experience, one would think this couple would be ready to retire from music, but not so!  They are just getting started and have eagerly embraced Vero Beach with a dedication to providing the Treasure Coast with the finest dinner music! Whether you want smoky background music, sing-a-longs, light dance music, oldies, Christmas music, or cocktail music, Tom and Julianne are the perfect choice for your entertainment! When you meet them, you will know them instantly by their smiles.  You will find them engaging, encouraging, and interested in making your special event a truly five-star experience.

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After years of playing in a top 40 band, Tom and Julianne now enjoy providing a lighter entertainment style. Julianne plays the piano (or keyboard if there is not a piano available at your venue) and Tom plays bass, guitar, drums, and trumpet.  While you normally will see them as a duo, they also have played as a band with their daughter, Anna, and also currently play with Phoenix.

In addition to all the classic easy listening songs, they love to play the standards from the 40's, 50's and 60's.  They also can play all the party favorites like: Brown Eyed Girl, Margaritaville, Mustang Sally, Leroy Brown,  Help, Mocking Bird, Proud Mary, Piano Man, Under the Boardwalk, The Twist, and American Pie.

One of many performance highlights was to perform a song by Hunter Hayes, called “Invisible” which was released in 2014.  This was performed at the Ms Senior Florida Pageant 2015 where Julianne relinquished her 2014 Ms Senior Florida crown.


Love for Music and Each Other


One of the most common comments the Talleys get from other couples listening to them is:

"We want what you have." 

What they have is a deep love and commitment for each other, and it radiates from them like a shining light.

Tom and Julianne’s love for each other helps making music together even more special, and that love provides an authentic passion that flows out of them into the crowd.

If you'd like to listen to a song Tom wrote for Julianne, visit the album page and listen to "Every Moment."