Our Family



Both Tom and Julianne come from families packed with musicians. All Tom’s sisters play piano just like his mother, who played for the silent movies when she was very young. All four of the Talley kids continue using their music to entertain guests and share their joy in the home and in church.

Tom played trumpet in the high school band receiving a scholarship to Appalachian State University.  He also played guitar for a rock band while in his teens and then moved to Tallahassee to attend college where he met Julianne, got married, started playing drums and continued in the entertainment industry!

Tom sings and plays the guitar, bass guitar, drums and trumpet.




Julianne also grew up around music. Her mother played the piano often and her father enjoyed playing the accordion and singing operatic numbers.

Julianne was also very active in church, singing with her youth group, a folk group called Eventide which evolved into The Sunshine Seasons and various other singing groups. She began entertaining at local hot spots at a very young age, starting at Winewood Country Club in Tallahassee and moving on to Killearn Country Club as keyboard and lead in the house band.

The first time she ever laid eyes on Tom, he was walking into her church carrying a guitar. He had just moved to town. They were married about a year later and began entertaining together as part of the house band called “Shamrock” at Killearn Country Club in Tallahassee, Florida. Julianne sang and played keys and Tom played the drums. They were in Shamrock for 13 great years.

Julianne continues to play gigs with Tom in Vero Beach and also holds the  2014 Ms Senior Florida Crown.  



Tom and Julianne kept the music alive at home with their three girls. Some people playfully call the Talleys the Partridge family, and you will quickly see why.




Bonnie sings and plays piano, trumpet and drums. She also enjoyed entertaining locally, like her mom and dad, at various hot spots while living in South Georgia. She met her husband and trumpeter, Steve, while attending Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida where they both shared a love for music.  Bonnie is currently active in worship leadership at Calvary Chapel Vero Beach, where her husband, Steve, helps run sound and plays trumpet.  They currently own and operate Lift Fitness and are involved in various other national ventures.





Katelyn played first chair flute and piccolo flute in the high school band. She also had a deep love and appreciation for all types of music, so it’s no surprise she would marry her high school sweetheart, Brian, who also happened to be a very talented guitar player and singer just like her dad. He also plays French Horn, banjo, mandolin, violin, and classical guitar. They currently reside in Calvary, Georgia, where Katelyn can enjoy all the private concerts she wants at home. Brian joins in the musical fun when visiting on holidays and has even played with the family on gigs for fun. These days, Katelyn is more artistically inclined, though she misses playing in concert band. You can visit her freelance graphic design website at Studio 1862.



Anna, the youngest, is the real rocker of the family. She may have been born in the 90s, but she has always had a love for the older classics of the 60s and 70s. Anna studied music at Charter, where she played drums and guitar in the jazz band. Like her mom, Anna also married her high school sweetheart, who is an incredibly talented bass guitar player, Will. They currently entertain together as a duo, as well as well as with their band called Souljam, which performs often all over the Treasure Coast and Florida.

Anna also released a new album, Waves, in the fall of 2019. It’s available on her website, Apple Music, Spotify and more.

Families that sing together...