Professional Resume


Our passion is to provide fun, entertaining, easy listening music of hits you will recognize, sing along with, dance to and enjoy while still being able to continue your conversations.  


2008 - 2012
Vero Beach, Florida

  • Play and sing at restaurant Friday and Saturday nights

  • Play grand piano in the bar area

  • Played solo and as a duo with Tom


2010 - Present
Sing & Entertain
Regency Park
Vero Beach, Florida

  • Sing and play for retirement home last Saturday of every month

  • Play for special events

  • Get to know the residents and talk with each one


2010 - Present
Sing & Entertain
Vero Beach Country Club
Vero Beach, Florida

  • Play and sing for dinner guests

  • Perform in the bar

  • Provided multiple New Years Eve gigs

  • Special Events


2006 - Present
Sing & Entertain
Private Parties
Vero Beach, Florida

  • Private parties (see Venue's)

  • Vero Dancing With The Stars

  • Longevity Christmas Party

  • Pelican Landing Christmas Party

  • Sunrise Christmas Party

  • Vero Beach Country Club New Years Eve Party (4 years)

  • 50th Anniversary Party

  • 95th Birthday Party at Vero Airport

  • Perform at Ms Senior Florida 2014 and 2015 at Performing Arts Center

1995 – 1999
Melhana, The Grand Plantation
Thomasville, Georgia

  • Performed in the Hanna Room, playing bass guitar and singing (piano & vocals) every Friday and Saturday evenings.

  • Responsible for equipment, sound, performance and contracts

  • Sang songs from the 30’s up to recent hits

  • Our passion was to provide 5-star performance and service, easy listening music, encouraging the guests and providing and the finest experience for an upscale bed & breakfast/resort


Extracurricular activities

Family, Music, Motorcycle trips, Fitness.



Tom:  Passionate and gifted with an excellent ear for music, parts, harmony, performance, vocal and chord structuring.  Patient with new talent and gifted at teaching, mentoring and encouraging.  Experienced working with sound systems, sound boards, band equipment, and various instruments (play trumpet, drums, guitar, bass) and performance. Programming MIDI, lighting control boards, large mixing consoles, processors, compressors, effects and graphic EQ-ing.  Apple Keynote, and chord charting.  Years of experience successfully mixing sound for performances. 

Julianne:   Lead women’s retreats, passionate about women’s wellness, reviving marriages, encourager, mentor and Ms. Senior Florida 2014.   Cancer survivor.


Will & Anna Keehner

Edyta Zana
DiMare Restaurant

Hedi Headley
Ms Senior Florida, Former Director

Tina Caldwell Williams
Vero Beach Country Club, Event Mgr.

Charlie Lewis
The Kingdom Group
C 229-403-6050



Married 49 years.  We have three children 48, 32 and 27. We were brought together to serve years ago through music and we have been privileged to grow in music and in the Lord! We are committed to living our lives for Jesus.